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Spiritual Insights with Charlotte Spicer is a weekly radio show on Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Growth! Tune in at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/CharlotteSpicer.

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(REVISED) A Very Special Announcement: A Rare Opportunity to Learn from an Ascended Being on The Other Side!

After the Show: OMG!!! What an amazing segment. In the beginning he talked about how the universe was created. It was fascinating. Then he talked about manifestation, Astral Travel and … Continue reading

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Thursday, February 26th at 3:00 pm EST: See How Choice Works with Legendary Teacher of A Course in Miracles, Carol Howe!

Happiness is not controlled by events in one’s personal history. As one continually chooses to relinquish past injury, a new pattern of a happy experience Now is guaranteed. The final … Continue reading

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Tuesday, February 17th at 3:00 pm Eastern on Spiritual Insights Radio! The Truth of the Soul: Readings with Psychic Healer and Channel Shaman Rai.

Tune in to discover amazing insights and call in to receive a FREE Mini-Reading and possible energetic healing. Whether you need insight into a troubling physical condition or would like … Continue reading

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The Two Selves: A Course in Miracles with Robert Rosenthal, M.D. on Spiritual Insights Radio

Every human being consists of two different selves with diametrically opposed world views and goals. One we know well: our familiar, day-to-day self — identified with a body, a personality … Continue reading

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Do you Live to Eat or Eat to Live? What is your relationship with food?

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight yet again? Why is making changes to the physical body so difficult? What’s preventing you from succeeding? The body is … Continue reading

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Eliminate ADD/ADHD Symptoms for Yourself or Your Loved Ones!

Author Linda Rosenbaum is a compassionate ADD/ADHD Healer as well as a renowned expert on how this inherited destructive mental disorder affects real people – in real life. She researched … Continue reading

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The 2015 Schedule for Free Readings on Spiritual Insights Radio

Hi, Everyone! I’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year! 2014 was very interesting and loaded with changes. With each month that passed I could sense a … Continue reading

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