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Spiritual Insights with Charlotte Spicer is a weekly radio show on Self-Empowerment and Spiritual Growth! Tune in at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/CharlotteSpicer. We hope to launch its literary companion, Spiritual Insights Digital Magazine, this summer.


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Tune in to Spiritual Insights in September for a Spiritual Uplift!

Trust Spiritual Insights Radio with all of your questions regarding Spirituality & Metaphysics. We feature an amazing team of Spiritual Teachers, Psychics, Energetic Healers and Ascended Beings!

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NEW! Master Class: Guidance from Ascended Beings

Charlotte Spicer, Executive Producer and Host of Spiritual Insights—Spirituality & Metaphysics Talk Radio, is pleased to announce an inspiring, new Master Class educational series. Guidance from Spirit: Channeled Messages from … Continue reading

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NEW! This Month on Spiritual Insights Radio!

Hello! I hope you’ve been tuning in to our enlightening segments each month. Much has been happening lately and I have some important announcements to make. There will be some … Continue reading

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Happy 2016 from Spiritual Insights Radio!

Dear Friends, This new year is filled with the uplifting energy of promise. I hope you are ready to release the challenges presented in 2015 and embrace a higher vibration … Continue reading

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Need a Spiritual Tune Up?

Tune in to Spiritual Insights Radio on 11/3/2015 at 3:00 pm Eastern for Readings when I’m joined by my monthly co-host, Award-Winning Psychic Healer, Joanie Eisinger. For two hours we’ll take … Continue reading

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Spiritual Insights Radio is back from Summer Hiatus!

Hello, Friends, I hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable summer! We’re excited to begin the fall season on the show with a fresh lineup of segments that are sure to … Continue reading

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Breaking News for Student-Teachers of A Course in Miracles!

As a student of the Course have you ever spent time studying your lesson in the morning only to forget to review it at the suggested time intervals during the day? Have you ever wished that you had reminders, preset at the required time intervals, to jog your memory? Have you ever remembered to review a lesson but forgot what words to use? If so, then this app is for you!

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