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Get Your Power Back with Bill Ferguson (Featured on Oprah)

Get Your Power Back with Bill Ferguson (Featured on Oprah)

Every one of us has a hurt from the past that runs our life. Bill Ferguson joins us to discuss his newest book, Get Your Power Back. Let’s learn together that when the experience of love is present, life works! He speaks a profound yet simple truth that can change your life!

It is possible to create an incredible life! Problem areas can clear up. Relationships can heal. Your dreams can come true! Bill Ferguson will show us, step by step, how to have love in every relationship and in every area of life.

Bill’s work has been called the “Penicillin of Psychology.” He’s been featured on Oprah, recommended by both The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, and has written several best-selling books, including How to Heal a Painful Relationship and Miracles are Guaranteed.

The Texas Counseling Association thinks so highly of his work that they asked him to deliver the keynote address at their annual convention…to over 2,300 counselors and therapists.

He has led over 2,000 programs and has worked with thousands of people around the world.

An individual consulting session with Bill Ferguson can give you the freedom and the direction you need to handle your situation and get on with your life. Most situations take only a few sessions to resolve.

Get Your Power Back Today!


The Mastery of Life Audio Course is a step-by-step process for having life work using 10 CDs and a workbook. This course will profoundly change the way you live your life!


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