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The Anti-Bullying and The Bully Basher Tour

The Anti-Bullying and The Bully Basher Tour

Oliver Jackson — known in the music world as DjBigO317 — is on a crusade to end bullying, and he’s taking his message across the U.S. visiting elementary, middle, high schools and colleges addressing the student body on bullying and harassment and letting the students know, “That it’s cool to be in school, it’s not cool to be a bully in school!”

See us at Work at Schools: http://youtu.be/utrovJL81-o

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BigO317antibullying

To book an event, contact Mr. Jackson at (317)-701-5285.

http://www.antibullyingbullybashertour.com (The website is Under Construction at this time but please check back often.)


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