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Break the Personal Development/Self-Help Rules & Get Results with Tiphanie Jamison VanDerLugt, Esq.

Break the Personal Development/Self-Help Rules & Get Results with Tiphanie Jamison VanDerLugt, Esq.

Want More DAYS FILLED WITH YAY – The Easy Way? That’s precisely what the World’s #1 True Self Facilitator, Amazon Kindle Bestselling Author, Attorney and Coach, Tiphanie Jamison VanDerLugt, Esq., is inviting you to experience through her energetic and enlivening True Self Facilitation. Break the Rules of personal development and get powerful, lasting life-changing results by being a Self-Expert.

A self-acknowledged personal development misfit and Founder of the YAY Me University, she is on a mission to take you beyond what she playfully calls the “Self-Help Trifecta” into the space of limitless possibilities and opportunities of Self-Expertise. Author of 3 books, her book The RADICAL Self Expert ~ The Fastest Simplest 7 Step Method to Discover How to Be Your True Self, Change Your Life Now and Be Happy Today-The Easy Way! will get you started NOW. She has developed and created two definitive Self-Assessments: The True Self Test & The True to Self Test.

A California native residing in The Netherlands, Tiphanie is facilitating RADICAL Self EdYOUcation to women (+ cool men) around the world who are tired of failing and struggling to experience the life they desire. Are you finally ready to succeed and be happy?

Get her RADICAL Self Expert Book on Amazon and receive some cool BONUSES, including a live VIP day with Tiphanie and other like-minded people.


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