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Demystifying Death with Stephen Garrett, Death Coach

Demystifying Death with Stephen Garrett, Death Coach

We all need a coach or mentor from time to time. One of those times could be before or after the death of a loved one. Stephen Garrett, of Vancouver, Canada, is a Coach and Guide and supports people through these often unchartered waters of dying and death.

His new book, When Death Speaks: Listen, Learn and Love, details a new and enlivening approach to how to view death and dying. The result is a whole new way to view Life!

When you first meet Stephen, you know you are meeting a man who lives life fully. A genuine heart and commitment to Life have produced in Stephen the qualities of a warrior: Integrity, Strength, Leadership, Kindness and Wisdom.

He lives from the Truth he has discovered within, and makes it possible for others to do the same. Stephen is known for his exceptional commitment to each and every person that crosses his path. His heart’s passion and life energy is focused on changing the conversation we have about death from one of Fear and Denial…to one of Embrace and Inspiration.

Stephen coaches and consults Internationally.

To receive Stephen’s email newsletter with guidance and announcements to help in your journey through loss, please visit the website.

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