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Supernatural Happenings in the Bible with Robert C. Brenner

Supernatural Happenings in the Bible with Robert C. Brenner

Research engineer and information publisher, Robert Brenner, president of Brenner Information Group in San Diego, California will share results of his 10-year study focusing on paranormal events and incidents recorded in the Bible.

In Professor Brenner’s latest release, Supernatural & Strange Happenings in the Bible: An Engineer’s Study of Scripture, you will learn about sudden appearances, vanishings, teleportation, levitation, instant disease, instant healing, talking animals, ghosts, hauntings, unidentified objects, extraterrestrial beings, multidimensional travel, prophecies that become reality and absolute control over life and death. Hear what earth was like before the Great Flood. Learn about giants in the Bible. (Was Noah a giant?) Explore stories of amazing beings in the Bible. Hear about “other” dimensions in our reality, “the Watchers” and unseen beings – are they here to protect you or hurt you?

It’s all in the Bible, so join us for an amazing journey into the mystical side of Scripture!


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