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Healing Journeys: Stories of Mind, Body & Spirit with Dr. Kevin Kita, Intuitive Chiropractor

The body is a dumping ground for toxic emotions. Through self-awareness and forgiving past traumatic experiences, Dr. Kita’s patients have learned to move beyond unresolved hurts to gain freedom from the chronic and seemingly incurable.

In his new book, Healing Journeys: Stories of Mind, Body & Spirit, Dr. Kita tells the stories of six patients and their journeys as he addresses the emotional cause of such issues as chronic pain, migraines, cancer, dyslexia and stress. Combining medical knowledge with metaphysical awareness and his own intuition offers a fascinating look at the Mind/Body Connection. Through his wisdom, his patients learn to allow the body’s innate intelligence assist its desire to heal. His unique storytelling style makes this much more than just a standard how-to. Beautifully illustrated by nationally-known artist Jessica Krause, it’s an enjoyable and fascinating read.

Tune in Live or Listen to the Archive.


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