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Manifestation, Miracles & the Holy Spirit with Dr. Robert Rosenthal

Manifestation, Miracles & the Holy Spirit with Dr. Robert Rosenthal

Dr. Robert Rosenthal, M.D. joins SI as permanent Guest Co-host in monthly 1-hour segments on ACIM, every 2nd Thursday of the Month.

Dr. Rosenthal, longtime student and teacher of A Course in Miracles and the author of the Hay House book From Plagues to Miracles: The Transformational Journey of Exodus, From the Slavery of Ego to the Promised Land of Spirit, offers inspiring discussions on the inner workings of the ego, the role of miracles and how you can transform your life through self-awareness!

Preparation: From Plagues to Miracles Excerpt. FPTM is immensely profound and perfect for students on all levels. Learn more at FromPlaguesToMiracles.com. Purchase ACIM at ACIM.org. Interact on Facebook: Spiritual Insights & From Plagues to Miracles


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