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Be a Part of “The Game Of One” – A NEW Sci-Fi Metaphysical Film by Global Stage Project! Global Search for Talent and Funding Going on NOW!

The Game of One is a time travel Science Fiction movie based on the Ancient School of Tarot. Produced by Global Stage Project, the film explores the hidden mysteries surrounding these often controversial Divinity Tools. Get a sneak peek at a NEW deck of Tarot Cards brought to life by artist Maya Britan. The Deck was channeled over a period of two years and as you work with the deck, you “graduate” to higher levels of awareness. Once finished, this will be a blockbuster and you have a chance to get in on the action now.

Would you like to contribute to this film becoming a reality? February 2014 opens up with Crowdfunding for the film. Tune in to learn more about the movie, how the new Tarot deck came to be and how you can get on board to market the project, help with funding or lend your talent or expertise. Twenty-two musical artists are needed! You can go to their website, sign into the email list and you will receive updates on progress and when the Crowdfunding starts. They are conducting a global search for talent, expertise and music.

Please help spread the word by re-posting this on social media outlets. The more people involved, the faster this project will become a reality. Thank you!

Contact Information:
Phone: (310) 486-5245 (Pacific)
Email: GlobalStageProject@gmail.com
Website: http://www.thegameofone.com


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