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The Common Spiritual Nature of All People with Carl DeVilbiss

The Common Spiritual Nature of All People with Carl DeVilbiss

Carl DeVilbiss hopes that we all learn to recognize that we are all much more alike spiritually than we are different in a human context, and that we are all here to help each other get better. A Professional Engineer who, for the last 25 years, has been a professional group facilitator focusing on cooperation – what the insights, behaviors and processes are that enable highly productive cooperation among people.

His mesmerizing teaching style includes the use of Tetrahedron models to illustrate the dynamics of spirituality and love.

Since 1988 he has offered consulting and facilitation services intended to help clients find ways to be more productive through cooperation. He is blessed to have had the opportunity to recognize underlying truths and operating principles that are universally applicable in the human experience. He has launched a movement based on the truth and principles that have emerged: Be Here For Each Other. Join the movement today and experience the joy!

The Be Here For Each Other book series is offered as inspiration and support for people who seek new perspectives. These books examine real issues each of us deals with in our lives. You will find positive insights into common daily situations with a focus on the spiritual nature of life and its lessons. The series, with three volumes available on Kindle, consists of: Learning from Loss, Life Partners and At Work.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Be-Here-For-Each-Other/160383430663112?v=wall

Contact: (615) 339-4677
Email: behereforeachother@gmail.com


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