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Starseed Activation, Alignments and Blue Ray Healing with Deb~Aurah Araznu


Deb~Aurah Araznu is a metaphysical artist who creates with multidimensional healing frequencies. She lives in both the human and spirit worlds anchoring codes and healing frequencies from the higher dimensions to assist people who connect with her energy; she has extensive knowledge in the practice of utilizing crystal energy.

Creativity and assisting others is her passion, from multidimensional artistry to the production of inspirational and healing videos. A poet and author of children’s spiritual stories she also scribes channeled information from parallel realities.

Years ago Deb discovered that she could combine her gifts of healing with her artwork and video production. Her healing activities have assisted many around the world, especially those who resonate with the Starseed vibrations. She now resides in Ontario, Canada and helps clients world-wide actualize their True Selves.

Special Offer (Limited Time): Starseed Attunement Image $33.00

Contact her to experience her phenomenal Healing Artwork – “HeArtwork” – channeled images containing accelerating codes for Healing, Starseed Activations and Alignments.

Web: bluerayhealing.com
Facebook; Blue Ray Healing Group Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/368707790988/
YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/HandsofAngels


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