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Portland, Oregon Has a New Rising Star in ThirdiRadio Radio Host, Eric Earle!

Portland, Oregon Has a New Rising Star in ThirdiRadio! Check It Out!

Have you ever met someone over the computer, and you can feel their energy and you just KNOW that they’re a good person, they have everyone they meet’s best interest at heart and they want to make a difference in the world? Well, that’s how I felt when I received a communication from a young man named Eric Earle. Just feel the energy of his name! Although Eric is only soon to be 22 years old, his feet are planted FIRMLY on the Spiritual Path and I see a very bright future for him!

Eric is the host of ThirdiRadio. The show simulcasts on terrestrial radio and podcasts, finding its way to the open minds of college students in the Northwest.

ThirdiRadio has one goal: to provide you with the inspiration and information necessary to reach your dreams.

ThirdiRadio is a program that synthesizes content on topics ranging from Psychology to Communication to Spirituality. Their goal is to improve people’s lives, thereby improving the world.

They play the latest and most popular psychology literature. They discuss Buddhist and Taoist teachings. Interviewing bestselling authors and award-winning researchers on attitude, communication and health is a common theme.

What’s more, they explore ways to answer the age-old question: “How do we live a more fulfilling, happy life?”

About Eric Earle:

Eric Earle lives in Portland, Oregon. He loves the outdoors and you will often find him hiking the trails of forest park, or biking through the streets of downtown. In the summer of 2012, Eric traveled to a small town in northern India, called Dharamshala. Here he volunteered his time to teach English to Tibetan Buddhist Monks. Eric will often tell you that he learned more from the monks than they learned from him. He may also mention to you that that trip was the spark of his spirituality. He expanded his library from western-nonfiction books and started reading Buddhist texts and eastern philosophies. A short while after this trip Eric began meditating everyday. He credits meditation to vastly improving both his life and his mind.

Eric now hosts his weekly radio show, writes a blog, gives regular public speeches and is hard at work on his first book.

After conquering his own fears, Eric is convinced that each and every one of us has an enormous potential to do great things. He has made it his mission to provide others with the inspiration and information necessary to reach their dreams.

Please check him out and send your heartfelt messages of support! If you know someone of college age who would benefit from tuning in, or if you know anyone in the Portland area who might wish to support Eric’s Spiritual Mission, please share this announcement. Here is a link: http://thirdiradio.com/.

Blessings to all,
~Charlotte Spicer.
Executive Producer and Host
Spiritual Insights with Charlotte Spicer
Spirituality & Metaphysics Talk Radio


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