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The End of Death: How Near-Death Experiences Prove the Afterlife w/Admir Serrano

Admir 4

Have you ever wondered what happens when we die? Is death painful? Is it the end? Does suicide solve our problems? Why do most scientists deny the existence of soul?

The belief in and fear of Life after Death are as old as mankind and as current as tomorrow’s technology. The depth of debate between belief and denial stands in evidence that this subject has always fascinated humankind. While this phenomenon has been approached by renowned scientists, religious scholars and fanatics alike, Admir Serrano brings a spiritual take on documented experiences that bridge the gap between science and spirituality in his new book, The End of Death: How Near-Death Experiences Prove the Afterlife. The work is filled with extraordinary true accounts of Near Death and Out-of-Body experiences, as well as the author’s personal insights.

As a researcher, writer and frequent lecturer on reincarnation, NDEs, OBEs (Out-of-Body Experiences) and death-bed visions, Admir shares this fascination with his listeners – many of whom have shared their own experiences with him. Such experiences are capable of not only apprising his audience and readers of the truth of their own immortality but also uplifting their hopes, faith and awareness as to what they really are – and to the greatness that we all are!

Admir Serrano is a Brazilian-American researcher, writer and speaker on paranormal phenomena. He is particularly focused on what pertains to the possibility of life after death. Mr. Serrano is a resident of Miami, Florida. He will give a talk in Orlando on January 20th & 21st, 2014 – one in English and the other in Portugese!



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