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Award-Winning White Light Healer, Psychic Medium and Channel, Joanie Eisinger!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 4:00 PM Eastern! It is my honor to introduce you to one of the most amazing psychics I’ve ever met! Joanie Eisinger joins us to offer Clarification, Validation and Support! Joanie is a Healer and Channel who extends her gifts to those who wish a greater sense of well-being and clarity. Many seek her guidance on a myriad of issues, including finances, health, relationships, spirituality, career and family. If you want to experience her gifts, call in early or click the link. The Call In number is (347) 934-0751. Press #1 if you have a question and you will be in the queue.

Joanie is the recipient of Natural Awakenings Magazine’s coveted 2013 Natural Choice Award, recognizing her as Favorite Energy Healer in North Central New Jersey.

After a brief discussion, calls will be taken for one full hour. In order to help as many as possible, questions are Limited to One Per Person.

Joanie received her Master of Social Work degree from Columbia University. Today, she combines her professional Social Work skills with Divine gifts to address issues not found in conventional circles. While the basis of healing relies on a client’s wish to heal, her ability to help clients release and resolve present and past issues is absolutely Remarkable! She works with her international clientele privately via phone, Skype and in person, and facilitates healings at Inspired Gems in North Plainfield, NJ.

In 2011, she became an ordained Reverend in The Church of All Creation in High Bridge, New Jersey. In 2012, she published David’s Guidance: A Book of Light. A year later, she co-authored The Chakra Journey. (Both available on Amazon.) In 2014, she released a heartwarming rendition of My Favorite Things (these are a few…) on YouTube.

Learn more or schedule a session at http://www.JoaniesWhiteLightHealing.com. You can connect with Joanie on Facebook at “JoaniesWhiteLightHealing‎” as well as on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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