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Tune in for Dream Interpretation Wednesday with Charlotte Spicer!

Tune in each Wednesday for Interpreting Your Dreams with Charlotte Spicer!

Have a dream interpreted, learn helpful tips to work with your dreams and find out “why” we have them, “where” they come from and “what” they are trying to tell us. Be ready to call in with your questions for Charlotte at (347) 934-0751!

When you call, please describe your dream in as much detail as possible: Whether it was Night or Day, People, Colors, Numbers, Animals, Elements of your Home or Car, Emotions, Impressions, etc. Details make ALL the difference.

Please visit http://www.SpiritualInsightsRadio.weebly.com to submit questions and feedback. If your dream is especially long you can send it in advance to save time. Charlotte will contact you to let you know if it’s suitable for radio and, if so, will arrange to speak to you on the air.

How it Works:

1. Only one dream per caller. Describe your dream, Char will write it down and put all the clues together to help you understand it.

2. After the interp, you’ll be asked to describe the situation that correlates to the dream. This is EXTREMELY helpful to other listeners and a LOT of FUN! (You are not asked to divulge really personal info.) Spiritual advice is offered to help you in your situation.

3. Many dreams can be graphic and embarrassing, but the interpretation is Always enlightening. Vocabulary should be respectful. Keep body part names anatomically correct.

If you would like a Private Consultation with Charlotte, go to the website, select an option under the Services tab, and Charlotte will contact you to make an appointment.

Please remember that these interpretations are like receiving a Reading. They are an Exchange of Energy and information comes through that YOU need to hear. Always, the goal is Clarity, Self-Awareness and Peace.

Charlotte is a Psychic Medium in Orlando, Florida who is able to analyze and interpret energy. She has been interpreting dreams for over 20 years.

Tune in via computer at http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/CharlotteSpicer.


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