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Set Yourself Up for Personal and Professional Success with Gina DeLapa

Set Yourself Up for Personal and Professional Success with Gina DeLapa

Monday, April 21st at 4:00 PM Eastern on Spiritual Insights: Set Yourself Up for Personal and Professional Success with Gina DeLapa! This is your life. As author Gina DeLapa’s dad would say, “Kick it in the ass!” Boundaries are the fences that make better neighbors, friends and relationships…both personal and professional.

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The idea was fairly simple. Gina wanted to present her beloved nephew, Adam, with some reliable advice and gentle reminders on how to navigate life’s experiences with dignity and integrity before he entered high school. What started as random, handwritten notes in a red leather notebook, words of wisdom she wanted to record for Adam, the journal soon turned into a manuscript and the manuscript became a book, Stuff You Already Know…And Everybody Should. The book turned into a series which is now Gina’s full-time career.

This series is perfect for any age. No matter your season of life—whether newly graduated, climbing the career ladder, raising kids or living out your legacy years—these nuggets and their accompanying stories are sure to provoke laughter, conversation, contemplation and bold new action. Easy to read, offered are 437 ways to make your life count—from doing the right thing (#256) to setting boundaries (#333) to relating to people half your age (#269). These reminders will inspire you to live more fully than ever before.

At 150 pages, it’s a quick, easy read yet extremely thought-provoking with regard to how to respond to difficult situations. It’s full of advice that we all wish our parents had conveyed to us instead of learning the hard way. Perhaps they did, and we didn’t hear them. Perhaps we’ve forgotten…or perhaps it’s a situation that is new to us. But here’s a quick guide to reference before you address a touchy situation and spare yourself or a loved one embarrassment or regret.

What’s included: 437 nuggets of wisdom, 28 links to free online goodies to help you get even more from the book, and countless stories that will touch your heart.

This is the perfect gift for a young adult or you can have a copy available in the break room at work or on a table in your waiting room.

Gina served as the editor of two national newsletters, Loose Change and Four Bits, a money columnist for Grand Rapids Magazine, and a career columnist for RelevantMagazine.com and CollegeJournal.com, now part of The Wall Street Journal. In 2001, she released her first book, 401(k) Success Stories.

Get inspired at www.StuffYouAlreadyKnow.com. Gina created the Stuff You Already Know book series and website to inspire you to live that reality, both by what you read and also what you share. You are invited to sign up for her Monday Morning Pep Talk, Nugget of the Day or blog posts.

Got wisdom of your own? Share YOUR stuff! Everyone’s got at least one life lesson worth sharing. What’s yours? She’d love to hear from you!

Change Your Mind…Change Your Life!™ 


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