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Breaking Down the Walls with Norma Yaeger, a Pioneer in the Women’s Movement

Breaking Down the Walls with Norma Yaeger, a Pioneer in the Women's Movement

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 4:00 PM Eastern on Spiritual Insights: Breaking Down the Walls with Norma Yaeger, a Pioneer in the Women’s Movement!

Breaking Down the Walls: 50 Courageous & Successful Years at the Forefront of the Women’s Movement by Norma Yaeger is a poignant and courageous memoir about a woman’s fight to find her purpose and overcome the barriers in a male-dominated society…and how she succeeded.

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The heart of the women’s movement was the underlying concept that women, as citizens, professionals, athletes and soldiers, were as valuable as men, and that was in the best interest of America.

The women’s movement today seems to revolve around abortion rights and birth control pills.  But its roots and purpose meant so much more to America in general and women in particular.  From the right to vote to the right to work to the right to privacy, the cultural and legal battle wages on, but many of the real soldiers never got in the headlines.

Norma Yaeger came of age in New York the mid 20th century when even educated women were expected to marry, have children and keep house.  So Norma went to Bernard Baruch College and the NY Institute of Finance and then she got married, had children and deferred to her husband. When he failed to provide, she not only stepped up, she stepped OUT, and became a stockbroker.

When Norma acquired her New York Stock Exchange license in 1962, she didn’t know of any other women in the industry. The Stock Exchange didn’t even allow women to step foot on its floor. But having just escaped poverty in NY’s Catskill Mountains, and determined to support her children, Norma wasn’t going to let the exclusionary traditions of the financial industry stop her from becoming a stockbroker.

During her long career she founded a mutual fund and two security brokerage firms that transacted millions of dollars of trades every day. She made fortunes and folded companies, all while raising five children. Persevering to achieve the work-home balance, Norma rose through the ranks and opened doors for young women.

The true story of a 20th century pioneer, Breaking Down the Walls is a window into the reality of being a woman, a wife and a mother in the middle of the century. Moreover, it is an inspiration to 21st century women who will realize viscerally just how far we’ve come—and be reminded of how far we have yet to go.

This is a version of the American Dream that is rarely told—one that includes aggressiveness and ethics, toughness and tenderness. It is a story integrity and of joy in fighting the good fight, a story of strength of character. And it is the story of a woman at the forefront of the women’s movement…before that movement even had a name.

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
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