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A Cop’s Life and The Power of Legacy with Randy Sutton

Randy Deniro and Stone

Randy with Robert DeNiro and Sharon Stone on the set of Casino

Randy Sutton started as a street cop in Princeton, NJ. He moved west where he served for over two decades and became the most highly decorated officer in the Las Vegas Metro PD. With more than 34 years of extensive police experience in investigations, administration and instruction, he is the author of numerous professional articles and books.

He has made appearances in Casino with Robert DiNiro and Sharon Stone, Miss Congeniality II with Sandra Bullock and Regina King, and was featured in numerous episodes of the popular television series Cops.

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Randy is not a religious man, but an incident in 1989 pushed his spiritual reality to the forefront of his mind, and he has devoted his life to defining personal purpose. Forced to retire by a stroke, Randy lives in Las Vegas writing books, speaking on police ethics, and celebrating American heroes. He has presented his seminar “Policing with Honor” to over ten thousand Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Officers throughout the U.S. His passion is to make the world a better place by instilling a sense of legacy in others.

In his book, A Cop’s Life: True Stories from Behind the Badge, Randy bares his soul as he invites you into his memories of what it’s really like to be a cop. It is a heart-wrenching account of 19 harrowing incidents that took place during his career. This incredibly descriptive narrative reveals not only what it takes to be a cop, but what it takes to survive being a cop and keep your psyche intact. It’s thought-provoking and often disturbing, but in the end you’ll discover that it’s a spiritual journey that will leave you inspired and certain of God’s unwavering love for all of us.

Take the Legacy Challenge at his website, www.TheLegacyChallenge.com and share your story!

Also visit www.celebratinglegacy.com where you can learn how to preserve the legacy of your family history for generations to come.

Tune in to his new Power of Legacy radio show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/randysutton.


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