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Ascension Now: Ascension Steps According to Isaiah! An Invitation!

Ascension Steps According to Isaiah, An Invitation offers all of humanity an invitation to reunite with your Higher Self, that part of God in you. If your life is falling apart, this book may be for you. Many of us feel out of control, as if life has no purpose. We are all searching for answers. Ascension is happening NOW and it’s up to us to decide whether to struggle with it or embrace a more loving reality filled with purpose.

When Kathy Rawlings began channeling Isaiah, believed to have written The Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament, what came through were specific instructions on how to raise our frequency to the point that we operate from the level of Soul or the Higher Self as some see it, the part of us that has remained consciously connected to God. This information has been assembled in a book by Kathy and co-author Terry Spears. With Isaiah’s guidance and by using the clearly outlined steps in this book, you can rise above the pull of duality to not only reunite with, but actually move into inner communion with, your soul to facilitate your ascension into a more integrated, loving and powerful Being of Light.

And as a special gift to our listeners, Isaiah has agreed to share a message with all of us through Kathy.

This amazing process offers assistance to anyone who wishes to heal more quickly in this accelerated time. Learn how to flow with change and decide on a new way to live! Included are Ascension Tools, Prayer Cards, channeled messages from Isaiah and additional commentary by Kathy and Terry.

Using the precise, easy-to-use Ascension Tools, you have the potential to:

  • Trigger the ignition of the Christed light in all who can accept it.
  • Close the consciousness gap and ascend in Oneness of Spirit.
  • Activate the five Spiritual Chakras and transition into a twelve-chakra, twelve strand DNA Super Human. (According to Isaiah, in addition to the seven major chakras of the physical body, there are five more spiritual chakras above the head whose integrated application multiplies our abilities phenomenally.)

Kathryn Rawlings has given higher self-readings and guidance sessions for thirty years.  With guidance from Isaiah, Kathryn is now offering the steps of direct union and inner guidance with your own higher self, also known as the Divine Within.

Terry A. Spears, R.Ph., author of Call An Angel! Angelic Self Help, under pen name E.A. Terry, offers her experience of the ignition of the Christ Light, subsequent emergence, and guided use of the Ascension Tools. She works full time in pharmacy with complementary health practices as her favorite area of study and sharing.

Order your book through purposerealized@gmail.com. Available soon on Amazon and other retail outlets.


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