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Get Life Right: Ten Minute Reads for Personal Growth, Prosperity and Fulfillment with David Dunn

Get Life Right: Ten Minute Reads for Personal Growth, Prosperity and Fulfillment with David Dunn

Life is precious, busy…and challenging! And we all want to ‘Get it right!’ We all need good information…and we need it in a hurry! Looking for shortcuts to the best life you can have?

Get Life Right: Ten Minute Reads is Your Companion for Personal Growth, Prosperity and Fulfillment. It is a perspective and Manual for making your life a better place to live. Whether your life is together or in turmoil, men and women will go to this book often for ideas, direction, reassurance, peace of mind and motivation. It will also help you:

  • Know your abilities and love how you are using them
  • Create and accumulate value in everything you do
  • Think with more clarity and imagination
  • Earn more by doing what you like best
  • Enhance all your relationships
  • Build and hold a closer family
  • Do as much good and have as much fun as you can and more…

To tune in Live: Visit www.BlogTalkRadio.com/CharlotteSpicer. You can set a reminder and tune in when we go on the air. To tune in via phone while the show is Live, dial (347) 934-0751. To participate in the discussion, Press 1 and you will be placed in the caller queue. Can’t tune in Live? No problem! All episodes are archived. This episode can be accessed at your convenience by clicking HERE.

David A. Dunn overcame his challenges and turned his weaknesses into advantages. The ideas in this book helped Dave retire young and comfortable. He guarantees that they will increase your enjoyment of life!

FREE Samples of Leading Explanations on almost every topic in this book are available at www.GetLifeRight.com. Mention the show, and when you order a copy of the book, Mr. Dunn will include an additional copy of the book FREE of charge.

Give the book as a gift to someone you know or, as Mr. Dunn suggests, leave it in a place where others will find it and enjoy it, such as the break room at work, a doctor’s office or on the seat of a busand let God get it to the person who needs it most. There are stickers in the book that say you can keep it if you like, but if you leave it for others you can have that additional copy when you order one.

It’s a great way to Place it Forward and make a difference in someone’s life! Go to the website and when you order, mention Charlotte Spicer and/or Spiritual Insights.

Tune in to the Archive at your convenience! This is a truly wonderful conversation! Feels like I’ve met the man who should have been my Grandfather! Blessings, ~Char.

Want to Change your Life? You must first Change your Mind.™



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