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How Men and Women Grieve Differently: Healing from Loss with Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D.

How Men and Women Grieve Differently: Healing from Loss with Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D.

No matter the type of loss you’ve suffered, this beautiful book will inspire you to renew your interest in living a life of joy. Tune in to the archive Here.

Well into her 80’s, Natasha Josefowitz, Ph.D., has lived a full life. Some might argue she has lived enough for several lives. To say that she has been a trailblazer would be an understatement.

While she has written over 20 books, several of them bestsellers, her passion is poetry. Now, at 87 years young, having recently lost her brother, her son, and her husband, it is Natasha’s strength, her passion for living life, and her candor that is truly infectious. Her new book is perhaps the most telling book ever written about pre- and post-grief. It is a collection of powerful, gritty, candid and inspiring poems about living life after loss. It was recently named Best Books of 2013 by Kirkus Reviews.

From the first, life-changing terminal diagnosis to a new way of life as a widow, the deeply moving journey of mourning a beloved spouse’s death is the subject of Natasha’s candid, uplifting collection of poems, Living Without the One You Cannot Live Without (November 2013).

Drawing from her own personal experiences navigating the grief of this seemingly unbearable loss, the author’s tender and thoughtful perspective is certain to offer hope and healing to anyone who is embarking on his or her own journey of grief and healing, regardless of age and life stage.

With rich insight and raw honesty, Living Without the One You Cannot Live Without guides the reader from mourning to recovery, using simple, relatable poetry that casts an unflinching eye on the day-to-day experiences entailed with losing a loved one. The collection starts with a diagnosis of cancer and travels through the moments experienced in doctors’ offices, hospice care, the funeral, and on to the reality of a life alone. Examining the grief process chronologically, the poems progress from the painful early days to the second year, when healing has occurred. The book then culminates with a strong message of hope, as the grieving person emerges once again as a self-sufficient, confident person who is facing the next adventure life has to offer.

Inspired to put her poems on paper by her own experience with the death of her husband, as well as the grief she witnessed among so many of her friends, Natasha now endeavors to help others who are confronting the unimaginable end of a central relationship. With compassion, clarity and profound humanity, this poetry is certain to offer solace and support to those who are bereft, and who will benefit from empathy and emotional connection as they work through their own grief.

You can purchase the book Here.

In 1980, Natasha wrote Paths to Power: A Woman’s Guide from First Job to Top Executive (Addison Wesley 1980), which quickly became a bestselling guide for women in the workplace. Natasha taught the first college course in the country on women in management. In the mid-eighties, she became one of the first female members of Rotary International in California. Natasha has hosted her own television segment, appeared regularly on NPR, wrote her own nationally syndicated column, and appeared on Larry King Show, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Dr. Ruth, to name a few. She is currently a contributor to the Huffington Post.

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