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Earning the Right to Brag

Thank you to the Daily Post Blog for inspiring this moment of self-assessment and inspiration with their post, Right to Brag.

I’m not big on bragging. Not about my talents and accomplishments, nor about my problems, as many tend to do (all the while draining the life out of their friends, family and co-workers). Such self-aggrandizing behavior is simply unnecessary.

I’ve made some notable accomplishments in my life, but recently I did something I never really expected to do. At Spirit’s insistence, I agreed to launch a radio show on BlogTalkRadio.com.

Was I truly ready to throw myself out there? Was I good enough?

I did my best for months to prepare. In some moments I realized I was trying too hard or being too detailed, but I needed to indulge my left-brain self, wanting everything to be as professional and perfect as possible. I’ll certainly accept excellence but I’m gonna give it my all, you know? Finally, I reached a point where I turned to Spirit and said, “There’s nothing more I can do, is there…it’s time to launch.” To which my Guide replied, “Job well done. Worry not about people’s reactions. Simply open your heart and welcome all the new people we’re sending you that will support all of your efforts.” I took a deep breath, Let Go and rode a wave of Trust.

And so I launched the show on July 2, 2013, and it immediately took off. Over the past year I’ve met some of the most incredibly loving people I could hope to meet in a single lifetime. Many of them I now count as friends. While I would personally consider this a crowning achievement in my spiritual life, down here on the terrestrial level something else happened that is in my face like a huge clap of thunder during an Act of God that I feel has nothing to do with me personally.

Many of the guests were extremely impressed by my professional demeanor, my “unique” (what?) approach to interviews, my knowledge of spirituality and metaphysics (I’ve been studying/practicing since the age of 5 but only but my Mom knows this), my Attention To Detail (often spelled OCD), and my respect for their material, not to mention their surprise that I even bothered to read their books in the first place. <shrug> I thought this was what you were SUPPOSED to do as the executive producer and host of a show that you want friends, students, peers and strangers to take seriously. Well, the plan seems to have worked. Largely due to the part I alluded to earlier about Letting Go and taking the leap into a decidedly exciting but still as yet unknown future.

In the confidence-building experiences I’ve had, somewhere in my mind I have often felt that there should be some type of confirmation of achievement after a year and a half of working 10 to 14-hour days, seven days a week and pouring my heart and soul into my show so that the listeners would be inspired to deepen their own journeys and cultivate lasting peace in their lives. Just a small sign, perhaps.

In the past week, at the same time that I aired my 100th episode in less than a year, I learned from BlogTalkRadio that after reviewing my work, and in light of the Guest Testimonials I shared with them, that they have made me a Featured Host. In my mind I thought that this is as it should be; I earned it…I deserve it.

But in my heart of humble hearts, what I really want to say is WOW!!!!!!! OH, MY F%#CKIN’ GOD!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! 

Perhaps there are times in this life where we truly earn the right to Brag…the right to unabashedly announce, “Guess what, folks!?! You know that shit where people say we’re always supported by the Universe? It WORKS!!! I opened my heart, followed the clues, worked really hard with the purest of intentions and it paid off…and for once I’m really, really, really proud of myself.”

This is not to say that I’m some hot shot. It’s enough that I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and no longer feel a compulsion to apologize for all the talents God gave me. But if I accomplished all this in the face of fear…I wonder what the next year will bring with this new sense of confidence and a much deeper sense of purpose.

Stay tuned to find out, and thank you for joining me on this journey.

“Until next time, Dear Listeners…God Bless…and be at Peace.”

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