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Interpreting Your Dreams with Charlotte Spicer! Wednesdays @ 3:00 PM Eastern!

Are you perplexed or horrified by a dream you had? Call in to Spiritual Insights Radio on Wednesdays at 3:00 PM Eastern to have a dream interpreted, learn helpful tips to work with your dreams and find out “why” we have them, “where” they come from and “what” they are trying to tell us.

Dreams are the bridge between the subconscious and conscious mind. Interpretations decode these messages to bring you Clarity, Self-Awareness and Peace.

When you call, please describe your dream in as much detail as possible: Whether it was Night or Day, People, Colors, Numbers, Animals, Elements of your Home or Car, Emotions, Impressions, etc. Details make ALL the difference.

To tune in, you can set a reminder at the Show Page by clicking on the episode and hitting the Reminder button. Or when the show is live dial (347) 934-0751 to listen on your phone or portable device. When listeners are invited to participate in the discussion, or if you have a question, Press 1 on your keypad and you will be brought on the air if time allows. Can’t tune in Live? The archive will always be available for your convenience.

How it Works:

  1. Because this is a process of interpreting a message from the subconscious mind, it often uncovers some very personal situations. In this case, to protect your privacy and emotional comfort, I will speak cryptically and make statements such as, “Do you know what I mean <wink! wink!>?” or “Are you with me so far?”

    I enjoy learning where people are calling from, however, if you would rather not give your name or location, that’s totally fine. I don’t need your name, and I don’t want you to tell me anything about your life beyond the dream and by answering a few clarifying questions I may ask. Sometimes I may need additional information such as race, religion or sexual orientation, but only so that I can speak to you on your level or in a way that you will clearly understand. Please note that no one who calls into my show will ever be judged. It’s all about love, compassion, forgiveness and cultivating Inner Peace through Self-Awareness.

  2. Only one dream per caller, please. Describe your dream in as much detail as possible, I will break it down to help you receive the intended message for your personal growth.
  3. After the interp, you’ll be asked to describe the situation that correlates to the dream. This is EXTREMELY helpful to other listeners and a LOT of FUN! (You are not asked to divulge really personal or sensitive information.) Spiritual advice is often offered to help you in your situation.
  4. Many dreams can be graphic and embarrassing, but the interpretation is Always enlightening. Vocabulary should be respectful. Keep body part names anatomically correct.

To submit questions or comments before or after a show, Click Here. If you have a dream that is especially long you can submit it through the website and I will review it and let you know if I would like to discuss it on the air. If you are available when I go Live (3pm Eastern on Wednesdays), I can call you from the show’s console (given that you provided me with your phone number). You can also submit dreams for possible interpretation (for Free) as I will be publishing a detailed Line-by-Line interpretation in the Dream of the Week section of my newsletter and on my website. I will interpret one dream per week in complete detail (which takes several hours) and will notify you if you are chosen. You can remain anonymous if you like.

If you would like a Private Consultation with me, go to the website and select an option under the Services tab. I will contact you to make an appointment.

Be ready with pen and paper to take notes and please share these segments with your social network! Here is a convenient link, and I appreciate your support. www.BlogTalkRadio.com/CharlotteSpicer. It’s my goal to help as many people as I can. If you feel you are getting a lot out of these segments and would like to contribute, your energy in the form of money is gratefully appreciated. Click Here to make a donation so that I can continue to provide quality enlightenment and entertainment to you, Dear Listener. Every little bit helps. Thank you! ~Char.

About me: I am a Psychic Medium in Orlando, Florida USA and I have been interpreting dreams for over 20 years. I am available for Public Events and Appearances. Please contact me for details.

Change Your Mind…Change Your Life!™


3 comments on “Interpreting Your Dreams with Charlotte Spicer! Wednesdays @ 3:00 PM Eastern!

  1. Glave58259
    August 23, 2014

    How do I send you a dream I had to interpret? Your show is awesome!


    • Charlotte Spicer
      October 21, 2014

      Hi, there! I added a Dream Submission page to the blog for all followers to send me their dreams, questions, synchronistic events and ideas. I can address questions on the air; it would be helpful if you could call in, but not completely necessary. I hope this is helpful. Feel free to send in your dreams but please don’t be offended if I don’t get back to you right away. I’m starting a new venture that you are going to LOVE and I’m working hard to get it going. Thank you so much for following the show! Blessings, ~Char.


  2. Antonietta Yuen
    August 2, 2014

    Thank you for exploring this issue and sharing everything on the topic! Great show!!

    Liked by 1 person

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