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Exploring the Significance of Birth, Breath & Death with Amy Wright Glenn

Monday, August 11th at 4:00 pm Eastern!  We are all born and we will all die, making both of these transitions as gracefully as possible. But what will we do with each breath in between?

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At the age of 14, Amy Wright Glenn began to question the Mormon faith of her family. She embarked on a lifelong personal and scholarly quest for truth. While teaching comparative religion and philosophy, Amy was drawn to the work of supporting women through labor and holding compassionate space for the dying. In Birth, Breath & Death, Amy shares moving tales of each life transition while drawing on her work as a birth doula, hospital chaplain and her own experience of motherhood.

2. Hands

In addition to her doula (midwife) and chaplaincy work in South Florida, Amy is a scholar of comparative religion and philosophy with over 20 years of Yoga and Meditation teaching experience. She earned her Masters of Arts in Religion and Education at Columbia University. Amy taught for 11 years in The Religion and Philosophy Department at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey and was the recipient of the Dunbar Abston, Jr. Chair for Teaching Excellence.

A Yoga, Prenatal Yoga Teacher and (CD)DONA, she is the voice for “Motherhood, Spirituality, and Religion” for Philly.com, blogs for Attachment Parenting International, Doula Trainings International and The Birthing Site, and is a regular columnist for Holistic Parenting Magazine. Birth, Breath & Death is her first book.

Please consider purchasing a copy of this book and donating it to a local hospice or birth center.  

Contact Amy her through her website: www.birthbreathanddeath.com.
Connect with @amywrightglenn on Facebook and Twitter.


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One comment on “Exploring the Significance of Birth, Breath & Death with Amy Wright Glenn

  1. Alejandro Helm
    August 23, 2014

    Very interesting conversation with this author. I will get her book for my wife.


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