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The Temple of All Knowing with Lee Papa: From Near-Death Experience to Peace

Monday, August 18th at 4:00 pm Eastern on Spiritual Insights Radio!

The Temple of All Knowing with Lee Papa:
From Near-Death Experience to Peace

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Lee Papa was well-established in commercial and residential real estate. After the financial and real estate collapse and a Near-Death Experience in 2008, Lee awakened to an existence beyond the veil of third dimensional reality and set out with a new life calling. She became acutely aware of her dharma, her life’s purpose with new insight to spread the awareness of an un-ending soul that utilizes our physical form for education, gaining wisdom and above all love. Doing business from the heart was birthed.

Lee PapLee’s first book, The Temple of All Knowing, is a memoir of her several years journey prior to her near death experience, through the 2009 completion of the 6,000 square foot Ganesha Center in Las Vegas. The book details the roadmap from personal darkness through spiritual, emotional and physical transformation.

Now an accomplished Transformational Advisor, Instructor, Intuitive Healing Practitioner and Speaker, she helps support individuals on their path to spiritual, emotional and physical well-being and self-realization, assisting individuals and groups by utilizing a comfortable sharing of information and instruction, vibrational healing methods that include Reiki, Sound and Frequency Therapy, and many other modalities and tools that she has acquired over her years of study.

In January 2014, Ganesha Center expanded to include Corporate Wellness and a Holistic Referral Network discount program for individuals and companies to gain even further access to Holistic Practitioners, offering targeted classes and workshops while focusing on a Virtual Ganesha Center.

Visit www.ganeshacenter.com if you would like to join the network as a Holistic Practitioner or to book Lee for a speaking engagement. The book is available at www.leepapa.com.

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