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Caring for Elderly Parents With All Their Marbles: A Survival Guide for the Kids with Pam Carey

Monday, August 25th at 4:00 pm Eastern on Spiritual Insights Radio!

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A lot is written about seeing our parents through dementia, but not much is available to discuss what it takes to deal with parents who might need our assistance, but who still have all their faculties. How do we finesse a parent who wants to maintain their independence into moving nearer to us; into giving us a power of attorney to take care of their healthcare and financial needs; to accept daily help?  How do we do this while allowing them to maintain their dignity?

With honesty and insight borne of experience, in Elderly Parents With All Their Marbles: A Survival Guide for the Kids, author Pam Carey shares her personal journey as well as the rules of the road she developed while caring for her parents.

Anyone who has ever had to care for elderly parents will see their own situations reflected in this witty yet practical guide to surviving the ordeal. You will feel like you’re right by Pam’s side as she outlines 49 essential points for navigating the trials of elderly living, the medical issues, and the inevitable loss that eventually comes. She illustrates each point with her own sometimes hilarious and often poignant experiences.


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Information on Power of Attorney, Eldercare, service organizations for the aging, phone numbers, websites and other resources is provided.


The first person to call in to the show with a question will receive a free copy of the book. Please consider purchasing a copy as a gift for a friend or care facility.


“Pam Carey gives a voice to the joys and sorrows of caring for aging parents and brings practical, useful advice to the mix in this witty yet thought-provoking, solution-based book. A must-read for anyone with aging parents.”    ~Claudia Jean, Eldercare Specialist

Pam Carey was the primary caretaker of her aging parents and wrote the book as a resource for others facing similar journeys.  Pam is also the author of Minor League Mom, A Mother’s Journey Through the Red Sox Farm Teams (2009).  The mother of Red Sox farm team veterans Tim and Todd Carey, Pamela holds a B.A. from Colby College and an M.A. from Columbia University Teachers College.


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