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The NEW Diabetes and Weight-Loss Prescription with Aaron D. Snyder

Combining medical, self-help, diet and fitness advice, The New Diabetes Prescription will help you understand why you want to change and how you can accomplish it. You’ll conquer emotional eating, control stress, find alternatives to weight-gain inducing prescriptions, put together an exercise program, learn to eat right and do it again the next day.

As a diabetic, author Aaron Snyder has dealt with the same struggles as his readers and found a way to conquer them. In this book he’ll get you past the grim belief that your life will never get better – that the disease will win – and teach you how to beat diabetes for the long haul.

Tune in to this amazing episode now.

Learn how Aaron stopped binge eating, reversed his diabetes and got fit by changing his initial approach to weight loss. Aaron explains why controlling diabetes is so hard and how he controls his disease through completely natural means and without medication.The New Diabetes Prescription is for diabetics, those at risk and those with loved ones with diabetes who want to control the disease through diet and exercise first and medications second.

Whether you are a diabetic or simply want to lose weight, visit the website to learn more about his Weight Loss Club, receive free reports and order the book. Break free from life-long weight loss obstacles and get real world weight loss advice!

If you would like to become a member at a discounted monthly rate, contact Charlotte through the website.


Also available on Amazon.


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