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Readings by Psychic Medium Sue Massari

Sue Head ShotHello, WordPress Friends! It’s my pleasure to welcome my new friend, Psychic Medium Sue Massari, to Spiritual Insights Radio. Sue will be giving Readings on Saturday, September 20th at 3:00 pm Eastern, and if there’s time I’ll do some dream interps. Sue is great at tapping into the emotional life of a person to uncover issues that need to be resolved so you can experience peace. She will be appearing on the show every First Sunday of the Month at 11:00 am Eastern for a full hour of Free Readings.

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To tune in, you can set a reminder at the Show Page. Calls are taken in the order they are received. To secure your spot in the lineup, you can call 15 minutes before the show goes Live.

Dial (347) 934-0751 at any point in the show to listen on your phone or portable device. To receive a Reading, Press 1 on your keypad. Your area code will be announced to let you know you are about to be brought on the air. Please ensure you are in a quiet environment free of wind or conversations.

Can’t tune in Live? The archive will always be available for your convenience.

wpf55dd55f_05_06Sue first appeared on the show with her husband Tom to talk about their amazing book (I read it cover to cover) entitled The Art of Reclaiming Your Intention and Power, According To Abram, The Mayan Shaman. Abram is a personality whom Tom has been channeling for more than 40 years. It is a compilation of insightful messages as Abram explains the power of thought, the laws of the universe, the principals of manifesting and so much more. You think The Secret gave information? I didn’t agree with most of The Secret. It was good, but there is so much more to manifestation. In the book, Abram gives you techniques for channeling your higher self to create balance, health and money in your life. It works!

After the show, Tom kindly extended the offer of a session to speak with Abram and I happily accepted the invitation. It was amazing!!!!! Abram was a Mayan Shaman and had a lifetime in Atlantis as well as during the time of Jesus. Interestingly, I know of a past life I had with Jesus and I learned that Abram, Tom, Sue and I all knew each other. It was totally cool!! Abram told me exactly what I needed to hear and that session has jump-started my career.

Sue is a Psychic Medium like me, so I invited her to do a segment and help callers. Allow me to tell you a little bit about her: As a child and adolescent, Sue was devoted to the Episcopal Church but as she became aware of her intuitive and psychic abilities she began exploring other spiritual paths. Sue is deeply moved and honored to connect with Spirit and be of service to others in this capacity. She has worked with a Shaman in Peru on the banks of the Amazon River. She’s well-studied and trustworthy.

Tom and Sue also developed a game called “Shoot The Ghost” that is available for Android phones on Google Play, Amazonwpe20e2841_05_06 and Kindle Fire. As a Follower of the Blog and Listener of the Show, you are invited to download it for FREE. Simply go to the website, click on the Links tab and it’s right there. I thought this would be timely with Halloween arriving soon, and those of you who like games or are planning a Halloween Party might like to have fun in a group setting by playing the game together. Please share with friends on social media.

To learn more about Tom, Sue or Abram, schedule a private session with Sue, get the game, buy the book and see Tom’s Calendar of Events where he channels Abram and allows audience members the privilege not only to hear a discourse from Abram but ask questions, visit www.MediumshipUnplugged.com.

You can also tune in to Tom and Sue’s segment to learn more about the book and hear a channeled message from Abram. It takes place at the end and you can hear how shocked I was. I was shocked because when I channel, my voice remains the same, I’m still me…nothing changes. When TOM channels, Abram takes over his body; so…the voice changes, the demeanor changes, etc. I was a bit startled, but I handled it okay. I hope you enjoy it.

Wishing you a lovely weekend and I hope you have an opportunity to call in to the show to get some clarity on a life situation or dream.

Love and Light,


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