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Dynamics of a Healthy Relationship with Life with Charlotte Spicer Part II

Yesterday I was honored to return as guest speaker on The Reconnected Show with Nazim Rashid. What a wonderful atmosphere he created so that we could continued our discussion about how our relationship with ourselves impacts all other relationships.

We discussed ways in which to improve our Relationship with Life and embrace our ability to build the life that serves us in healthy ways and cultivates peace in our inner and outer reality. Life is all about Relationships, the most important being our relationship with God, our Creator or Source, whichever label you use. But the next most important relationship, beyond that with family, friends, partners, co-workers, neighbors and even strangers is our Relationship with Ourselves, which is at the core of all of our life experiences. But relationships aren’t limited to other human beings. We also have a relationship with Money, Food, Death, Sex, Change, Authority and our personal possessions.

In Part I, we left off with our relationship with Change so today we will cover our relationship with Love, Authority, Work and our Personal Possessions. Fantastic information was shared.

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Nazim has written the most amazing book that helps you reclaim your personal power by Reconnecting to your Younger Self to heal wounds of the past. Beautifully written with helpful exercises to move beyond the hurts that hold you back from enjoying a life of peace.

Visit his website, Clouds of Abundance, to learn more.

Want to Change Your Life? YOU know what to do…


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