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October 7th at 3:00 pm Eastern: Readings on Sexuality & Fertility with Award-Winning Psychic Joanie Eisinger!

Do you have a question about anything relating to Sexuality, including conception, pregnancy, performance, painful intercourse or other issue? Joanie’s down-to-earth and often humorous reading style will amaze you.

Tune in Live or hear the Archive

Other topics you may ask about include: Sexual Dysfunctions, Menopause, Alternative Lifestyles, Sex Drive, Miscarriage, Abortion, Sexual Trauma and Gender Identity. The tone of the show is serious in nature and calls will be addressed as such. Come with an open mind and an open heart!

Joanie’s gift is her ability to explore the causal nature of unsatisfactory conditions in the present. Whether in this lifetime or another, she determines the origins of the Life Lesson you are experiencing. If needed, she assists you through forgiveness work or an energetic healing to neutralize negative energy carried into the present.

Please review these instructions thoroughly. To tune in, click the link above. You can set a reminder. To listen on your phone or portable device, when the show is Live dial (347) 934-0751. If you would like a Mini-Reading, press 1 on your keypad. Be SURE that a voice says, “You are now in the Host’s Queue.”

Calls are taken in the order they’re received, so you are encouraged to call in well before the show starts to secure your place in the lineup. We’ll take as many calls as possible in 2 hours. Area codes are announced to give you a sense of how soon you’ll be brought on the air. Please ensure that you are in a quiet environment free of conversations, noises, traffic, wind or other distractions that can be heard on the air.

In the interest of time, your question should be specific. General questions about the future or finding your soul mate are discouraged. The reason is that we are constantly creating our future with our daily beliefs, thoughts and attitudes and we often block that which we desire most. Joanie and I agree that in order to change the present, we must understand the past and clear out negativity.

Can’t tune in Live? The archive will always be available for your convenience.

Preparation: If you plan to call in, Joanie might suggest you sip water to flush out emotional toxins. Please have water nearby just in case. PLEASE ensure that you are in a quiet environment free of conversations, traffic, wind or other noises.

Joanie is an award-winning Psychic Healer and Channel who extends her gifts to those who wish a greater sense of well-being and clarity. Many seek her guidance on a myriad of issues, including finances, health, relationships, spirituality, sexuality, career and family.

If you would like a Private Consultation, contact her at JoaniesWhiteLightHealing.com. Joanie’s next segment is on Nov. 11th at 3:00 pm EST. Be sure to call in well before the show to secure your place in the call queue.

Thank you in advance for supporting the show by posting links on your social networks and telling friends.

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