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Readings on All Forms of Addiction with Award-Winning Psychic Joanie Eisinger!

Do you have a habit that seems impossible to break? Would you like insight into where this habit originated and what it’s teaching you? There will be three segments dedicated to Readings on All Forms of Addiction with Award-Winning Psychic Joanie Eisinger, which air on the first Tuesday of the month at 3:00 pm Eastern on Spiritual Insights Radio!

In a completely non-judgmental environment, Joanie will take calls for 2 hours to help callers understand the spiritual nature of their addictions, compulsions and habits. Its origin can be from this life or a previous incarnation. Any topic is welcome. Joanie can address addictions of all kinds.

By combining her channeling and healing abilities with her past experience as a licensed clinical social worker and drug counselor, Joanie will answer questions about anything related to addiction. Topics for discussion include: drugs (illegal/prescription drugs, nicotine and caffeine), alcohol, sex, spending, fabrication (lying), overeating and other food-related addictions, gambling, video gaming, exercise, sugar, internet activity, love, attention, work, pornography, television and hoarding.

12/2/14: Readings on All Forms of Addiction with Award-Winning Psychic Joanie Eisinger (1 of 3)

1/6/15: Readings on All Forms of Addiction with Award-Winning Psychic Joanie Eisinger (2 of 3)

2/3/15: Readings on All Forms of Addiction with Award-Winning Psychic Joanie Eisinger (3 of 3)

Click a link or dial (347) 934-0751! To get a reading, press 1. You may remain anonymous. Calls are taken in the order they are received. To secure your place in the caller queue, you can call in to the show 15 minutes prior to show time. The lineup will be announced to give you an idea of how soon you will be brought on the air.

Preparation: Please ensure that you are in a quiet environment if you would like a reading. Calls where there is audible noise or traffic will not be taken. All questions must be on the topics of either addiction, compulsion or habit. General requests for a reading will not be entertained. Have some water nearby to sip in case Joanie performs some energetic healing work. Come with an open heart and a willingness to understand the wisdom to be learned from your life circumstances.

Joanie does not claim to cure addictions; she is able to channel whether one has planned to experience addiction before incarnating and what life lesson opportunities are available to them now. Free Will choices might explain why one has become addicted to a substance or behavior. She channels what one needs to address in this lifetime in order to consider overcoming addiction in order to move forward into a healthier place.

Joanie will assist you in uncovering what led you to this place of addiction or compulsion and will make recommendations based on what she uncovers. If she is guided to do a healing on you, please have a glass of water nearby to flush toxins out of your body while she works on your energetic body. Whether you listen or call in to the show, Joanie recommends finding a counselor or program if you find that you are unable to stop on your own. The root cause will be addressed here, yet taking steps to stop what might be out of control is always a healthy option.

Joanie appears as Special Guest Co-Host each month to explore a variety of topics. This is the first monthly segment in a series of three on addiction. If you do not receive a reading, try again in January or February 2015. To book a private session with Joanie, visit www.Joanie’sWhiteLightHealing.com. You can learn more about her and view her schedule at the website, www.SpiritualInsighthsRadio.com. You can also tune in to archived episodes on Sexuality & Fertility, which were nothing short of amazing…and we had some fun, too.

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