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Eliminate ADD/ADHD Symptoms for Yourself or Your Loved Ones!

Learn more about ADD at MyHusbandHasADD.com!

Author Linda Rosenbaum is a compassionate ADD/ADHD Healer as well as a renowned expert on how this inherited destructive mental disorder affects real people – in real life. She researched for many years for a viable solution for her afflicted husband and other family members.

Since unexpectedly stumbling upon dowsing in 2011, she has spent considerable time educating herself, specifically perfecting the art of healing ADD through pendulum dowsing…which involves quantum physics. (No drugs-no special diet.)

Although some physicians are just now beginning to consider the value of alternative healing methods, Linda, gifted and innovative, has already been changing lives using a unique technique that few are aware of―including those in the world of metaphysics. Her approach works exceptionally well-and without sacrificing the ADD creative edge.

Hand with PendulumHer clients are grateful, and all is accomplished in just one 90 minute session. View Client Testimonials on the website.

Linda can facilitate this healing for anyone, anywhere in the world. Although you or your ADD loved ones do not have to be present to be healed, you are encouraged to listen in as she processes your restorative treatment via a phone consultation of about 1.5 hours. If you or someone you love is affected in any way by ADD/ADHD – this life changing session is a must.

For more information, prices, or an appointment…contact AuthorLindaRose@gmail.com or visit the website at www.MyHusbandHasADD.com.

Energy work and spiritual healing is a complementary addition, not a replacement for traditional medical care.

Copyright © 2015 Linda Rosenbaum. All rights reserved.


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