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A Special Announcement for Listeners of Spiritual Insights Radio!

Dear Friends in Light,

After many months of research and preparation, I have a VERY Special Announcement! As a means to share even MORE insight, inspiration and information about esoteric topics, Spiritual Insights Radio is adding to its platform. Can you imagine having a place to explore numerous spiritual and metaphysics topics all in one publication?

I am extremely proud to introduce…

Spiritual Insights
A Digital Magazine to Support the Spiritual, Metaphysical and Holistic Lifestyle!

Soon you’ll be able to enjoy a monthly immersion into all aspects of Spirituality and Metaphysics all in one place! Spiritual Insights Magazine will help you acquire new tools for growth!

We’ll delve deeply into topics that many of us spend countless hours searching the internet trying to quench our thirst for information on “how life works.” Each month, you’ll be presented with credible information from knowledgeable teachers in a digital format that will include the latest technological advances. If you are interested—at any level—in spirituality, metaphysics, the paranormal, psychic development, the Astral Plane, out of body experiences, dreams, UFOs, orbs, ghosts or any other so-called “New Age” subject matter, the intention is not to simply publish entertaining articles, but to provide a teaching environment where people can learn new techniques for life-improvement.

Why do this? For many of us, our decades-long quest to learn as much as we can about certain areas has become a lifestyle. Why not embrace it? Often we don’t discuss our true passions with family and friends out of fear of ridicule and closed-minded dismissal. Even in our private little worlds on the internet we are sometimes confronted with rudeness and objection to our beliefs when we least expect it. At the very least, we stumble upon information that is unreliable and leaves us feeling dissatisfied. This need not be.

In a special segment on Spiritual Insights Radio, I announced the magazine
to the world and provided an overview of its goals and contents.
Tune in to the archive here.

Monthly features will include support for students and teachers of A Course in Miracles, Guidance from Spirit: Channeled Messages from Ascended Beings, Metaphysics 101, Dream Interpretation, Holistic Home & Garden, audio and video files containing Guided Experiences such as The Holy Trinity Guided Meditation, visualizations and exercises to remove blocks from the physical body, as well as high-impact instruction on money energy from various contributors.

In addition to articles and columns by inspirational writers, tools will be provided to help you increase your vibration, and readers are invited to share their experiences, whether it pertains to accounts and photos of paranormal activity, stories of triumph and even life’s lighter side.

Over time we’ll develop Global Directories to help you find Metaphysical Churches, Workshops and Retreats, Lightworkers, Alternative Healers, Psychic Fairs and Expos, Metaphysical Shops and even Paranormal Investigators and Societies.

I would be elated if you would join me on this journey. For more detailed information about the magazine and to be notified of the publication of the first issue, you can sign up through the website or on my Facebook Page. If you would like your writing to be considered for publishing, you can submit a proposal through the website. There are also over a dozen ways in which readers can contribute. I hope to launch by July 2015.

Visit SpiritualInsightsRadio.com today!

Thank you for reading thus far and please share this announcement in like-minded social circles. Also, please pray for me as this is a huge undertaking. Thank you!

Blessings and Light,


Change Your Mind…Change Your Life™


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