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A Shout Out to Followers, Friends and Readers! I am Now Accepting Submissions for Magazine Content!

Dear Friends of Spiritual Insights,

Recently I announced the new literary companion to Spiritual Insights Radio: Spiritual Insights: A Digital Magazine to Support the Spiritual and Metaphysical Lifestyle. We are currently working on the overall design and I hope to publish the first issue in July 2015, but it’s not too early to start sending in inspiring stories, questions, photos, feedback for the radio show or other items of interest. Do you think you might have something to contribute?

After your review of the material I am looking for, please visit the website to submit content for consideration. If you would like to be considered as a Guest Writer or Blogger, send me samples of your writing. There’s a list here to introduce you to the type of content I’m looking for, and on the website you’ll find more detail to help you identify the department to which you might like to contribute. Your ideas are welcome.

You can submit a question for any column or feature article I’m writing. I will provide additional information on other columnists and their topics soon and give you a way to send questions directly to them if they fit your needs.

My monthly columns will explore the topics of, among others: A Course in Miracles, Dream Interpretation, Understanding the Energy of Money and Dear Char, WTF?!? A detailed description for each appears at the bottom of this post.

Review the TERMS & CONDITIONS for submitting photos, video or content at

Submissions from readers are accepted for the following. Word limits and details are posted on the website for each category:

  1. Letter to the Publisher: Send comments to me, Charlotte Spicer, on the radio show, the potential of the magazine, send well wishes, tell me what you’d like to learn about, etc.
  2. News from Around the World: If you have an annual event, tell me about it. What to include is at the website, such as article elements, photos and video.
  3. Questions of a general nature on Spirituality and Metaphysics.
  4. Photos of an Orb or Spirit (or other entity or strange energy): Include a short explanation about it.
  5. The Holy Instant: Students and Teachers of A Course in Miracles™ are invited to share their experiences and moments of growth specifically related to the Course.
  6. Miracle Moments: If you do NOT study A Course in Miracles, this section of the magazine allows for miraculous events in general.
  7. Enlightening Strikes: Describe a life-changing revelation, realization or profound moment that caused a major shift in your perception and life. For instance, the moment you decided to get out of a toxic or abusive relationship, friendship or job. This is a great opportunity for bloggers to get exposure!
  8. From the Mouths of Babes: Submit a video of your child answering deep questions about God, Life, The Universe, Reincarnation, Past Lives, Angels, Dreams, etc. (limited to 3 minutes).
  9. Holistic Home & Garden: Share a photo of your altar or meditation space, spiritual gardening practice or anything inspiring about your Home or Garden.
  10. Animals or Nature Photos: Have a really awesome photo of one of God’s creatures, a sunset or other nature scene? Let us see it!
  11. Nominations for a Local Hero in your community: If you know someone who gives hope to others through service, tell us about them and include a photo.
  12. On the Lighter Side: I’d like to have a place for fun stuff. Have a funny story to share that is directly related to spirituality, metaphysics or the paranormal? Also, if you have a funny video, you can send that in, too!
  13. Testimonials: Send in a testimonial about your experience with the radio show.
  14. Suggestion Box: Is there a topic you’d like to learn more about? Let us know!
  15. Reader of the Month: After the magazine is published, you can send a Selfie with the magazine (the cover must be seen). This invitation is extended to groups as well. I’ll create a small section to feature a Reader of the Month.
  16. Endorsements: Send a 1-minute video endorsing Spiritual Insights Radio or Spiritual Insights Digital Magazine. Tell us what you like about the show, how it inspires you and let us see your Light! Naturally, if you’re a loyal listener you can start sending those right away. Get to know the magazine a bit before submitting those.
  17. Positive Quotations: If you’re really good at creating images with positive quotations that you share on Social Media, make sure your site or page info is on it and send it in. If I like it, I’ll include it.

About my monthly columns:

  • A Course in Miracles: Innumerable topics inspired by the Text, Workbook and Manual for Teachers will be explored.
  • Dream Interpretation: Information will be provided about the mechanics of dreams as well as in-depth interpretations and the dreamers’ responses to those interpretations to demonstrate the correlation between dreaming and waking life.
  • Understanding the Energy of Money: Charlotte and various writers will lend their knowledge and support to readers to help them understand their relationship with money as well as practical tips for keeping that relationship positive and harmonious.
  • Dear Char, WTF?!?: This will be a Q&A column where readers can write in to get clarity about a synchronistic occurrence that seems strange or confusing. Since the Outside is a reflection of the Inner, there are no accidents, nothing is random and everything we witness reflects an aspect of our consciousness. Spirit speaks to us constantly, and employs creative ways to get our attention. For instance, one of my clients kept losing the gas cap to her car. After losing four of them, she asked me what was happening. I tapped in and explained her unconscious thoughts and emotions about her job, how it was affecting her and what she needed to do. After making adjustments to her thought processes and getting unstuck, she had a new job a short time later. Other people contact me after an animal appears in a significant way or when something strange happens while they are driving. Driving patterns are great indicators as to how a current situation is going in reflection to our thoughts. So, if you have a question about something that happened, send it in and I’ll break it down symbolically for you. It’s a lot of fun, actually.

Other articles will be on a variety of Spiritual, Metaphysical and Paranormal topics, including Guidance from Spirit: Channeled Message from Ascended Beings. Your questions on any of these topics are welcome.

This is a very exciting time and I hope you can become part of this new venture. I look forward to considering your submissions for publication! Should you have any questions, please contact me through the website and please pass this along to your social circles to share the news and invite them to participate, as well. If you own a business, advertising information will be available within a month or so.

Peace and Light,


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