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Breaking News for Student-Teachers of A Course in Miracles!

I just received word that the FOUNDATION FOR INNER PEACE, original publisher of “A Course in Miracles,” has joined with CDE Solutions to produce this app as an aid to those working on their daily lessons from the Workbook of the Course.

1. ACIM No BorderAs a student of the Course have you ever spent time studying your lesson in the morning only to forget to review it at the suggested time intervals during the day? Have you ever wished that you had reminders, preset at the required time intervals, to jog your memory? Have you ever remembered to review a lesson but forgot what words to use? If so, then this app is for you!

In addition to providing convenient access to the full text of the 365 daily lessons from the Course’s “Workbook for Students,” THIS APP HAS BUILT-IN REMINDER ALERTS which have been preset with specific text to be remembered for the day and the time intervals as suggested within the lessons of the Workbook.

In the next monthly segment with my Guest Co-Host for A Course in Miracles, Dr. Bob, who has served on the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Inner Peace since 1992, I’ll ask him to tell us more about it. In the meantime, click below to learn more about the app and its capabilities.

To learn more and read the first reviews, visit iTunes. For Android, visit Google Play.


Apple ACIM Workbook Alerts

Android ACIM Workbook Alerts


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